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Chelsea FC 1 – 2 FC Barcelona, Feb 22, 2006

Many consider this game the game when A certain 18-year-old called Lionel Messi broke into the eyes of the footballing world. a Teenager at the time, the young Argentinian wasnt as much of a polished player as he is now but the greatness was always in La Pulga. Messi was a delight to watch ,that game. weaving around then world class Centre back duo John Terry and Ricardo Carvalho like they werent even there. Jose Mourinho’s Chelsea put up a good fight against the Catalans but it was Messi who was decisive in the narrow 1-2 Victory at the bridge with his devilishly fast dribbling and in the process winning the team a red card following a Horrific tackle from Del Horno, an event that really tilted the balance of the match. Barca would go on to win the competition in Paris when they came from behind to defeat Arsenal in the final.